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Our main profile is to produce railway safety appliances and railway signalling equipments. The company’s mission is to serve our customers fast and in high quality. As a responsible company our aim is to be successful with our environment-friendly and safe product range in the XXI. century – just like we have been since 1950.

Ar-163p pneumatic current collector for trolley bus

The trolley bus can be connected to the overhead-line system by the pneumatic current colletor.

Main parts of the pnemuatic current collector:
- The base with the holders of the poles and the pneumatic units for moving the poles to the central position.
- The pneumatic pulling-down unit mounted on the bases
- The control box with the electronic and pneumatic control units
- The poles of the current collector
- The slipping heads
- The pneumatically controlled hooks for fixing the poles
- Rope retrievers

The poles of the current collector can make both of horizontal and vertical movements. Lifting up of the currenct colletor poles can be initated automatically under a overhead-line section, which has a guide wing. If there is no guide wing on the overhead-line, the slipping head can be connected by using an insulated rod.
Lifting down of the current collector poles also can be operated in automatic mode. The automatic mode always leads the poles to the center regardless of the extent of the longitudinal centerline deviate.

Maximum voltage: 1200 V
Rated current: 400/600 A (@4sec)
Contact force: 80-150N
Operating pressure: 6.0 – 12.0 bar
Operating horizontal anges: 55°
Operating vertical anges: 0..45°
Pole lenght: approx. 5260 mm
Total mass: 250 kg


Data sheet (HU, EN)
Technical description (HU, EN, DE, RU, CN)



According to CEI-9-49, EN 60077, EN 50155, EN 61373, EN 50502 standards.

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