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For the safe and environment-friendly transportation
Our main profile is to produce railway safety appliances and railway signalling equipments. The company’s mission is to serve our customers fast and in high quality. As a responsible company our aim is to be successful with our environment-friendly and safe product range in the XXI. century – just like we have been since 1950.

Heating device for driver's cabin for trolley buses

This is a prismatic device  with finned tube radiators on a metal framed isolating plate, and with a ventilator and a temperature sensor (bimetall) on a separated isolating plate. Connection is easy to the radiator, to the motor, to the temperature sensor and to the output of the isolation controll. The isolating cover is fixed to the isolating plate, and there is four pieces of flexible hanging. There is a bolted service window on the cover for the terminal. The facing plate is commutable. The finned facing plate is on the heating device at the driver's cabin. The heated air is lead away in the corrugated tubes connected to the output tubing of the device so as to make the windows steam-free.
Air flow starts when radiators are switched on. Every time when air delivery stops, or in case of short circuit during the operation, the temperature sensor makes the protection operate and the heating stops.

Rated voltage: 600/750 V
Nominal heating capacity: 2000-4000 W
Rated voltage of ventilator motor: 24 V
Air flow: 600 m3/óra, 450 m3/óra
Temperature of output air: 50-70 °C (teljesítménytől függően)
Electric connection: 6,3 sliding cable clip
Mounting: 4 pcs of M6 bolt
Noise level: <75 dBA
Type of protection: IP54 (EN 60529)

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