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For the safe and environment-friendly transportation
Our main profile is to produce railway safety appliances and railway signalling equipments. The company’s mission is to serve our customers fast and in high quality. As a responsible company our aim is to be successful with our environment-friendly and safe product range in the XXI. century – just like we have been since 1950.


The content of the new GTKB Ltd’s website

The content of the GTKB Ltd’s website has undergone major transformation and expansion from March 2013. This change has been waiting for while and thanks to the personal change of the website maintainer, the change has arrived.
As a part of this change, a lot of earlier non-available information can be found about our company’s life and products (e.g.: quality and environmental policies, news, colleagues, new product descriptions, a presentation of our rehearsal room, etc.)
If you notice any kind of fault or error about the working of our website or in the website’s informations, please notify Mr. Szilveszter Varjassy ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )! Thank You!


Exciting career opportunities await You at GTKB Ltd. Please review our current jobs and send your application to us.

Current Jobs

31. Kölcsey Ferenc u.

Tel: +36/79-424-344

Head office:
47-49. Városligeti fasor



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