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За безопасность и экологичность транспорта
Миссия компании ООО «Ганз Трансэлектро», основанной в 1950 году, это быстрое и качественное обслуживание клиентов. Мы понимаем, насколько важны безопасность и экологичность железнодорожного транспорта и стремимся к выпуску продукции, отвечающей вызовам 21 века.

InnoRail 2013 - Budapest

28-30. October 2013, Congress Center
On behalf of all Hungarian professionals committed to the cause of railway, we cordially invite you to Budapest, to a large scale exchange of experiences and joint deliberations on the present of railway transportation, in order to foster its future.

The prime objective behind the commencement of a series of biannual professional conferences to be organized every odd year with a focus on practical matters is to provide a forum for an exchange of views between different professional fields of railway infrastructure, for the discussion of practical issues and for presenting novel innovative developments, tools and methods.

All members of the European Union have a lot to do so as to make their railways more lucrative to passenger and freight transport and achieve a significant growth in market share. It is an obvious fact that the stage of development of infrastructure and, within it, railway infrastructure is not identical in the Western and Eastern member states of the European Union. EU financing offers significant opportunities for closing the gap, however, the use of these funds does not always serve such objectives in the most efficient manner. We would like to act to facilitate a positive change in the current situation.

It is also important that European Railway companies focus on fostering the harmonization of railway infrastructure in the East and the Far East because it is projected that rail traffic will significantly increase in these directions. Thus, it would be expedient to mutually share experiences with experts from these regions as well.

The professional program of the conference is defined in terms of the following topics:

Trends in transport policy; strategy, regulatory environment and economic challenges of railway infrastructure development
Structure, construction, maintenance and operation of railway tracks
Interoperability, signaling and telecommunication equipment, modern control and dispatch
Traction power supply
Risks and safety

Infrastructure operators from Hungary and abroad, industrial partners, researchers and theoretical and practical experts are all most welcome to the conference.

Our Program Committee will do its very best so that the participants leave for home at the end of the third day enriched with meaningful information, and satisfied.



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